21/50 Our Revolution Candidates Win 2017 Elections

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First published by Our Revolution.

Our Revolution candidates claimed victories at every level of government in Tuesday’s elections. From school board to the state legislatures, and statewide ballot initiatives, Our Revolution made history. Andrea Jenkins became the first out transgender woman elected to Minneapolis, Minnesota City Council, Elizabeth Guzman became one of the first Latinas to be elected to Virginia’s General Assembly, and Maine voters passed the first statewide Medicaid expansion. In total Our Revolution won 21 seats and one ballot initiative, with more results yet to be finalized.

“Last nights victories show the strength of our progressive movement, even in the face of a presidential administration that wants to take us backward. We are incredibly proud of all of our candidates and local groups that worked so hard to support them,” said Our Revolution President Nina Turner. “Our Revolution’s candidates won in every part of America — blue and red, rural and urban. What we saw last night is a preview of what is to come and what is possible when local groups stick to progressive values, identify progressive champions, and advocate for an America that works for all. Our Revolution is building a bench of diverse progressive champions at all levels of government who can change their communities and grow the progressive movement.”

Our Revolution-backed victories:

  • Jennifer Carroll Foy, Virginia House of Delegates, District 2
  • Elizabeth Guzman, Virginia House of Delegates, District 31
  • Lee Carter, Virginia House of Delegates, District 50
  • Larry Krasner, Philadelphia District Attorney
  • Andrea Jenkins, Minneapolis, Minn. City Council, Ward 8
  • Carlos Menchaca, New York City Council, District 38
  • Matt McLaughlin, Somerville, Mass. Ward 1
  • J.T. Scott, Somerville, Mass. Ward 2 Alderman
  • Ben Ewen Campen, Somerville, Mass. Ward 3 Alderman
  • Jesse Clingan, Somerville, Mass. Ward 4 Alderman
  • Will Mbah, Somerville, Mass. Alderman At-Large
  • Jasmin Santana, Cleveland, Ohio City Council, Ward 14
  • Tamaya Dennard, Cincinnati, Ohio City Council At-Large
  • Tristan Radar, Lakewood, Ohio City Council At-Large
  • Gina Morgenstein, Wallingford, Connecticut Town Council
  • Ted Terry, Clarkston, Georgia Mayor
  • Brian Nowak, Cheektowaga, New York Town Council
  • Anita Prizio, Allegheny, Penn. County Council, District 3
  • Mik Pappas, Allegheny County, Penn. Magistrate, District 31
  • Anna Payne, Middletown, Penn. Township Auditor
  • Noelia Corozo, San Mateo/Foster City, California School Board
  • Mainers for Healthcare (ballot initiative expanding Medicaid access)

A full list of all of our 2017 election results can be found here.

Our Revolution supports progressive champions at every level of government. By supporting candidates backed by people, not corporations, we are aiming to transform American politics to make our political and economic systems responsive to the needs of working families. With this election, we are one step closer to accomplishing that goal.

In the November 7, 2017 General Election Our Revolution endorsed:

  • 59 candidates in eighteen states including,
  • 26 women candidates
  • 11 African and African-American candidates
  • 7 Latinx candidates
  • 4 Asian American/Pacific Islander candidates
  • 4 openly LGBTQ candidates
  • 2 ballot initiatives
  • Mainers for Health Care
  • Ohio Drug Price Relief Act

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