4 Times “Wikileaks” Aided Trump

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Insufferable rape-y egomaniacs of the world, unite?

In the past year, “Wikileaks” aided Donald Trump on at least four occasions, three of them during the 2016 U.S. presidential election with near-perfect timing. No wonder then-candidate Trump declared, “I love Wikileaks!”

  1. The first time “Wikileaks” helped Trump was on the eve of the Democratic National Convention when Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were working to unite the party in preparation for the general election campaign against Donald Trump and the Republican Party. “Wikileaks” released a slew of emails that damaged and undermined this unity on the eve of the convention by proving what everybody already knew — that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) led by Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz was in the tank for Clinton.
  2. The second time “Wikileaks” helped Trump was within 1 hour of the publication of the Access Hollywood tape where he was caught talking about grabbing women by the pussy. This time, it was Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s hacked and stolen emails that were published.
  3. The third time “Wikileaks” helped Trump was on the eve of the November election. Just two days before the polls were scheduled to open, more stolen DNC emails were published.
  4. The fourth and most recent case of “Wikileaks” assisting Trump is the theft and publication of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) documents concerning the agency’s extensive technical capabilities. This comes less than a week after Trump struck the latest blow in his long-running battle to undermine the U.S. intelligence community by accusing his predecessor President Obama of unlawfully wiretapping his phone shortly before the election. Predictably, Trump has not denounced Wikileaks for telegraphing U.S. capabilities to terrorists, criminals, and nations targeted by the CIA like Iran and North Korea.

“Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, the third time it’s enemy action” may be an aphorism from novel but these four incidents taken together suggest a pattern of behavior on the part of “Wikileaks” rather than random chance events. Added to this circumstantial evidence is the fact that Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone bragged about a “perfectly legal” back channel for collusion with “Wikileaks” and that “Wikileaks” founder Julian Assange has a lot of unexplained ties to Russia — just like Donald Trump, his family, his advisers, and his campaign.

All of the above happy coincidences are hallmarks of what Russia’s spy agencies call “active measures” aimed at “heightening the contradictions.”

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