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One of the ways we effectively oppose Trump’s right wing extremism is with strong and progressive leadership at the local and state level. One of those leaders is Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort who is running for Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia.

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Fort arrested at Occupy Atlanta

Vincent Fort has always been a powerful ally of our movement. As a state senator, he was arrested for protesting Wall Street greed with Occupy Atlanta, and again when protesting a lack of Medicaid expansion in the state of Georgia. He drafted and passed the strongest law against predatory home lending in the nation, and he has been a tireless advocate for reforming our broken criminal justice system. Senator Fort is a popular Atlanta politician, especially in low-income African-American neighborhoods and, with our help, he can become Atlanta’s next Mayor.

When we started our political revolution, very few elected officials had the courage to stand with us. Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort was one of the first, and he paid a hefty price for it.

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Fort introducing Sanders at Morehouse College

The establishment in Georgia did everything they could to exact their revenge on Senator Fort — they even recruited a primary opponent to run against him in the last election cycle as punishment. They failed to take him down then — and now that he’s running to be the next Mayor of Atlanta, we expect the entrenched political establishment and their billionaire backers to do everything in their power to defeat him.

We need Vincent Fort’s leadership in the Atlanta Mayor’s office. Winning this campaign will send a strong message to the establishment that the struggle continues to create a government, at the local, state and federal level, that works for all of us, not just the one percent.

Georgia state senators are forbidden from raising money into their campaign accounts during legislative session starting January 9th. That means that we have to do as much for Senator Fort as we can before this fundraising deadline.

If enough of us are willing to come together right now, then we can elect one of our own as a powerful rebuke to the corrupt establishment. And Senator Fort will be able to focus on fighting for the people of Georgia without having to worry about his mayoral campaign next week.

Contribute $27 before January 9th as a way of letting Vincent Fort know that he has the support of our political revolution.

We know how powerful this movement is when millions of people come together to support our political revolution. Vincent Fort joined together with us when we needed him the most. Now it’s our turn to be there for him.

Help us send a powerful message to the entrenched political establishment by contributing $27 to Vincent Fort’s campaign today.

Thank you for stepping up to support our friend Vincent Fort’s mayoral campaign.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

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