Individual Members of DSA Labor Support Danny Fetonte

  1. Any effort to remove Danny from the NPC now undermines the democratic structures of our organization. DSA has no requirements for disclosure of any kind by NPC candidates. Danny disclosed more of his employment history than most other candidates. Most labor organizers work with an array of workers too numerous to mention on a candidacy statement. Moreover, some of us, like Danny, have organized law enforcement personnel, including police and correctional workers, for which we refuse to apologize. DSA has never had a policy barring these workers from its membership or leadership. The Interim Steering Committee of the NPC is imposing a vague, retroactive requirement that candidates must have disclosed anything about their past employment that some DSA members might find objectionable. Danny was democratically elected to the NPC under the rules that existed at the time the election was held.
  2. The logic of excluding police from DSA could easily be extended to exclude every union staff person or member who has ever worked with or been a part of the same union as members of law enforcement. This would exclude from DSA millions of workers in CWA, AFT, SEIU, NEA, AFSCME, AFGE, NTEU, and other unions.
  3. Danny is arguably responsible for signing up more members into DSA than any other individual member in the history of the organization. Many of us were ourselves signed up into DSA by Danny.
  4. Danny has been an exemplary defender of the rights of workers, African Americans, immigrants, Muslims, women, the disabled, and the LGBTQ community his entire life. He demonstrated that commitment when he worked to organize law enforcement in a more progressive direction and courageously confronted their prejudices head-on. Most recently, he was arrested for sitting in at the Texas governor’s office to oppose Texas’ anti-sanctuary cities law in May.
  5. Danny has not been given the opportunity to publicly defend himself. He is currently being tried on the basis of false information and wild assumptions on social media. This hardly constitutes due process.
  6. The failure so far to seat Danny on the NPC brings into question DSA’s image as a “big tent” that does not seek to impose stringent ideological litmus tests on its members. The argument that an NPC decision to seat Danny would antagonize our organizational allies should be subordinate to doing the right thing by giving justice to a member who has selflessly dedicated his retirement to building DSA.
  • Travis Donoho, organizer, CWA 6186, CWA 6086, Education Austin (AFT/NEA) (retired); NAM and DSA member since 1974, for a combined total of 43 years
  • Seth Hutchinson, Vice President CWA 6186, DSA member 15 years, National Political Committee member 2009–2011
  • Brooks Sunkett, CWA Public, Health Care, and Education Workers National Vice President, DSA member 1 year
  • Steve Early, Freelancers Unit, Pacific Media Workers Guild/CWA and former CWA organizer and representative in New England, member of DSA since DSOC-NAM merger
  • Debbie Goldman, CWA Research Department, 1992–2017 and CWA Local 6186 member, 1992–2017, NAM member 1978–1982, DSA member 1982–2017
  • Paul Garver, Organizer and Staff Representative, SEIU Local 585 Pittsburgh, 1974–1990, Global Union Coordinator and Organizer, Food and Drinks Sector, International Union of Food Workers (IUF), 1990–2007, Member New American Movement, Pittsburgh Chapter, 1971–1982, Member DSA 1982–92 and 2006–2017, four time member of NPC, Member, Swiss Socialist Party, 1993 to 2006
  • Jeff Lacher, GSEU/CWA Local 1188, NY, VASE/CWA Local 2201, VA, CWA Local 1031, NJ CWA District 1, Nurses United/CWA Local 1168, NY, CWA District 4, CWA District 7, DSA member since 1987, founded Youth Section chapters in SUNY Geneseo, and SUNY Albany
  • Katie Romich, CWA staff representative, district 7, DSA member 23 years
  • Glenn Scott, retired NNU & AFT/NEA organizer, member OPEIU L 298; founding member DSA, NPC 1983–1985, member NAM 1975–1983
  • Judy Lugo, President CWA 6186, DSA member
  • Myko Gedutis, lead organizer CWA 6186, DSA member 1 year
  • Taylor Jones, organizer CWA 6186, DSA member 3 years, founding co-chair Austin DSA Queer Coalition
  • Missy Benavidez, organizer CWA 6186, DSA member 1 year
  • Joe Montemayor, assistant organizing coordinator CWA 6186, UFCW member, DSA member 3 years
  • Robert Gibbons, AFT member (retired), DSA member 5 years
  • Evana Treviño, CWA 6186 member, DSA member 3 months
  • Yolanda Delgado, CWA 6186 member- retired, DSA member 3 years
  • Judy Graves, CWA District 6 Director of Organizing, DSA member 6 years
  • Keith Stenson, CWA 6186 organizer, GMP 201 steward, DSA member 3 years
  • Anitra Patterson, CWA 6186 organizer, DSA member 6 months
  • Janice Zitelman, CWA 6186 member, DSA member 2 years
  • James Nauls, CWA 6186 Vice President (retired), DSA member 1 year
  • Will Rogers, CWA 6186 member (retired), DSA member 8 months
  • Ron Day, lead organizer CWA 6186, DSA member 3 years
  • John Behr, IT coordinator CWA 6186, DSA member 3 years
  • Samm Almaguer, Executive Board member CWA 6186, DSA member 6 months
  • Kathryn Kenefick, CWA 6186 member, DSA member 10 months
  • Judy Holloway, CWA 6186 member, DSA member 10 months
  • Mike Gross, CWA District 6 organizing coordinator, DSA member 2 years
  • Arthur Valdez, Executive Board member CWA 6186, DSA member 1 year
  • Marlon Duran, CWA 6186 member, DSA member
  • Harrison Hiner, UAW lead organizer, DSA member 3 years
  • Chris Knapp, CWA 6186 publications, DSA member 3 years
  • Amy Mashberg, CWA 6186 member, DSA member 6 months
  • Alex Moir, organizer CWA 6186, Education Austin (AFT/NEA), DSA member 1 year
  • Kris Raab, CWA District 6 staff, DSA member 10 years
  • Bob Cash, member LIUNA, UNITE, USW, AFSCME, CWA, OPEIU; staffer at Seafarers, UMW; DSA member 3 years
  • Jim Pearson, founding member CWA 6186, DSA member 1 year
  • Tom Anderson, founding member and past president UCW-CWA Local 3865, DSA member 1 year
  • Dave Rathke, 33 years IEA (NEA) staff, Textile Workers, UFW, DSOC/DSA 40 years; 20 years Board In These Times
  • Nicholas Kiersey, AAUP member, DSA member 9 months
  • Gillian Talwar, CPSA elected official and TUC elected delegate 1975–1978 and 1982–1983, member NATFHE 1981–1982, member NALGO 1991–1992 (U.K.), Attorney representing public sector unions in Michigan 2000–2014, DSA member 13 years
  • Siobhan Burke, CWA 7901 local rank and file member, SEIU 503 staff, DSA member 2 years
  • Ned Burke, Statewide Nursing Home Bargaining Director, SEIU 2015, DSA member 19 years
  • Chris Talwar, member MSF/ TASS/ DATA (AUEW) 1976–1998 (UK), DSA member 13 years



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