DSA’s Factions Explained

The Caucus Wars

The Caucus Wars Are About Centralization vs. Decentralization

  • Momentum/Bread & Roses strongly supports more centralization, and supports resolutions that establish priorities that it can project nationally and at the chapter level in accordance with it’s politics.
  • Socialist Majority mostly supports those priorities, but it is more committed to a big tent approach that creates space — procedurally and emotionally — for other things. It is less committed to ‘my way or the highway’ but still agrees on the road to follow.
  • North Star is very close to Socialist Majority on this question, but includes people who are even more suspicious/critical of MBR.
  • Build should be the far pole on the side of decentralization. But this is complicated by the fact that they have built a national infrastructure, including publications, training, conferences etc. That requires a kind of organizing mentality that isn’t quite the same as anything resembling ‘horizontalism.’
  • The LSC isn’t ‘more’ against centralization, as compared to Build. But it has an ideological component that is absent in Build, and some of its members don’t feel comfortable with various aspects of Build. On many resolutions, I’d expect Build and LSC to vote similarly.

But ‘Centralization’ Barely Begins to Cover It…





Groupthink is a contradiction in terms.

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Groupthink is a contradiction in terms.

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