Fighting over who will rule Momentum is like fighting over who will captain the Titanic. Momentum’s basic problem is that that it’s not an agenda-driven, issue-based organization like Our Revolution (or SYRIZA) with the potential to bring yooj numbers of constituencies together but a persona-driven organization built around the cult of Jeremy Corbyn’s greatness; the former has already won small but important victories (electing people, passing ballot initiatives, shutting down the Dakota Access Pipeline) while the latter has been mired in lefter-than-thou infighting whenever it wasn’t mobilizing against the evil Blairite PLP which dared to question JC’s competence.

When Momentum inevitably self-destructs and the dust settles, I just hope there’s a significant number of activists who don’t throw up their hands and give up in demoralization. Stay engaged in the struggle and learn the right lessons. Labour is in a historic crisis that it may never recover from and the party really needs a bottom-up political revolution if it ever hopes to become great again and govern.

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Groupthink is a contradiction in terms.

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