• Max Einns

    Max Einns

    What is needed above all is a confession, and nothing more than that. To obtain forgiveness for its sins, mankind needs only to declare them for what they are.

  • Candice Jutz

    Candice Jutz

    Southern girl & proud wife of a Vet, I believe in Equality 4 ALL! Proud to Be the Liberal mouth in the South! #EqualityForAll #BlackLivesMatter #FeelTheBern

  • Karebear


  • Margaret Corvid

    Margaret Corvid

    journalist, dominatrix. columnist, @newstatesman. writes all over the shop. socialist, feminist. squawks @mistress_magpie

  • Jonathan Katz

    Jonathan Katz

    Nerd, writer, cook. Jewish as f**k. I write Flavors of Diaspora. Views are mine, not of my employer or others. @UChicago & @UniofOxford alum. Trotse verraaier.

  • Guilherme Pires de Mello

    Guilherme Pires de Mello

    É carioca, jornalista e mestrando em Ciência Política pelo Iesp-Uerj, especializado em Política e Sociedade pelo Iesp-Uerj e Adm. Pública pela FGV-Rio

  • Anthony Rogers-Wright

    Anthony Rogers-Wright

    Father, Earth Citizen, Black Liberation NOW!!

  • Alex Han

    Alex Han

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