Hawaii Teachers Union Backs Tulsi Gabbard’s Primary Challenger, Sherry Campagna

5/21/18 Email Message to Hawaii State Teachers Association Membership:

The Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) is proud to recommend Sherry Campagna for Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District because she is a strong advocate for education as well as human and civil rights.

Sherry was one of the national organizers — and Hawaii state chair — for the Women’s March last year that organized 30,000 people across Hawaii to take action on women’s rights. Currently she is a commissioner on the Hawaii State Commission on the Status of Women and has fought for paid family leave.

Sherry Campagna Is an Ally of Educators and Labor

Sherry has also been an ally with HSTA in the fight to get more funding for public education. She believes that a reliable funding stream for public education must be a top priority, and Hawaii should tax out-of-state residents who own investment properties here. She also believes in lowering class sizes and increasing teacher pay.

She has stood by unions, and believes strongly in collective bargaining rights as well as the fight to increase the minimum wage for workers.

A Businesswoman, She Launched Her Own Environmental Planning Firm

Born in Honolulu, Sherry grew up around the world as a military dependent. She is an environmental scientist, small business owner and mom. Sherry launched and co-owns an environmental planning, permitting, remediation and renewable energy company. She has been an agent for social change her entire adult life, advocating for racial justice, environmental issues and women’s rights while fighting class disparities.

Gabbard Hasn’t Defended Civil Rights

The incumbent in the 2nd congressional district, U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, has not defended human and civil rights during her time in Congress. She was one of just three representatives, and the only Democrat who refused to condemn Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s genocidal chemical attack on his own people.

After the attack, Gabbard traveled to Syria to meet with the genocidal dictator al-Assad without permission from the White House or Congress. Her trip was funded by a group with ties to al-Assad supporters and she only covered the expenses herself after the news media reported who paid for her trip.

Then, after al-Assad bombed his people again, Gabbard continued to refuse to admit the attack had occurred. At the same time, she voted to practically ban Syrian refugees from coming into the United States after the Paris terrorist attacks, even though Syrian refugees were not involved in the attacks.

Campagna Is a Strong Advocate for Equality

HSTA strongly supports high-quality schools for all children as well as human and civil rights. We believe that Sherry Campagna will fight for equality for all people. That is why we are proud to support Sherry Campagna for Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District seat.

We encourage you to get to know Sherry Campagna by reading more about her on her campaign website, www.sherryforhawaii.com.

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