Hello Daniella!

I was wondering if you might do a follow-up post assessing FTB’s success and to create a public written record of the site’s view/user count and such? I think a lot of this took place in the Slack channels but the general public isn’t privy to that; some of these details would be good to have on a résumé or a cover letter for example for those of us who pitched in to help build the site.

Another thing I was wonder — and I know this is way too early — is what role FTB might have in 2020 if Sanders decides to run for president again? I only raise this to begin the thinking and the conversation among volunteers and activists (not to gin up the whole ‘will he or won’t he’ speculation the talking heads love to waste time on). My own view is that the site should be updated in 2019–2020 and maybe the 2016 version permanently archived somewhere since quite a few pages like Syria, health care, tax policy will need to be revamped in a fresh campaign while others will need to be created/deleted to avoid confusion.

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