Sherry Alu Campagna Responds to Debate-Dodger Tulsi Gabbard’s Lie on Live TV

OAHU — On Saturday, August 11th 2018, Tulsi Gabbard, during the Primary Election coverage on Hawaii News Now, blatantly lied to the public about her challenger Sherry Alu Campagna, stating:

“They [teachers union HSTA] supported [Sherry] because of her supposed positions on foreign policy, but, frankly uh no one really, including the media, vetted what those positions actually were. And if you looked for what she was advocating for she was saying that we should use our US military to go to war and overthrow the governments of India, Egypt and Syria and possibly other countries as well. So, as a veteran you can imagine uh, uh — that’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous and devastating to think about what the consequences of such policies would be, so, I’ve just been focused on serving my constituents and getting across the state, spending these last several weeks that I’ve been home in talking to and listening to the concerns of the people of Hawai’i.”

Gabbard also refused to answer the following question posed to her about why she did not debate Sherry.

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Tulsi Gabbard was all for debates in 2016…

The truth, for the record, is that the press did thoroughly vet Sherry as a Congressional Candidate for Hawaii’s CD2 and Sherry does not endorse going to war against India, Egypt, or Syria, or any other country. Sherry’s campaign and supporters are aghast as to why the incumbent — winning the Primary Election with millions in campaign contributions — would resort to lying about Alu Campagna. (And Tulsi strangely filed to disclose her personal finances after the Primary Election).

Sherry has clearly stated on her platform and on Civil Beat her position on war:

“Diplomacy must be exhausted before Congress decides to declare war and our motivations must not be based upon profiteering or benefiting corporations; rather we must base the decision to act in order to prevent continued human rights violations.

“I believe that war is an immoral act in all cases except when we are defending ourselves or rendering aid to people facing persecution or death for their ethnicity, religious beliefs, political beliefs or other diversity trait.

“As a superpower, our country is responsible for combating genocide anywhere in the world that it exists. Inaction should not be an option for the United States as the country with the strongest military in the world. It is my opinion that without heeding this moral charge, we are doomed to repeat mistakes made during the times of Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot when faced with dictators such as Assad, Modi, and El Sisi.”

Standing up to dictators who commit genocide or wage violent campaigns to kill political dissidents are historically justifiable reasons to engage in conflict. Allowing genocide or murder of dissenters is complicity. However, Gabbard has taken the position that even questioning dictatorships is tantamount to “warmongering.” This is an absurd stretch imagination for any rational person.

“Tulsi has accused me of running a ‘negative’ campaign and also lied about me on the local news accusing me of being a warmonger. I don’t know how she can get away with that. This can be easily disproven. She avoided debating me and at the eleventh hour, while she had the opportunity on the news when I did not, lied to the public about me. This is as hurtful as much as it is unjust.

“But, this has only fueled my determination to succeed in challenging her for her seat in the future. Now more than ever, the people truly need an honest leader, who plays fair, representing them.”

(Transcripts to the Hawaii News Now Primary Election interview with Tulsi Gabbard are available upon request).

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