Sherry Campagna Calls Out Tulsi Gabbard’s Latest “Anti War” Stunt


Democratic Congressional Candidate Sherry Alu Campagna Responds to Gabbard/Jones Resolution

OAHU–Last month, on June 6th 2018, Tulsi Gabbard and GOP Rep. Walter Jones introduced House Resolution 922. Today they chose to hold a press conference.

The resolution claims to be an effort to prevent “Presidential regime change wars,” clearly referring to Syria, as Gabbard stands in opposition to any conflict that threatens the power of Bashar al-Assad, whom she met with personally in 2017. Gabbard strongly inferred that defense appropriations related to overseas conflicts, including aid going [to] Syrian efforts to topple Assad and help harmed civilians, should be spent “at home” to reinvest in our nation’s infrastructure.

However, the reality is that U.S. defense money, by law, cannot be used to reinvest in these purposes. In today’s press conference, Gabbard stated, “Since 9–11 alone we’ve spent trillions of dollars on regime change wars and nation-building while communities here at home struggle and suffer due the lack of resources being invested in fixing our crumbling infrastructure — in improving our education, making sure that everyone has access to health care, and so much more.”

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Democratic Congressional Candidate Sherry Alu Campagna disagrees with Gabbard’s stance on U.S. intervention in Syria. Alu Campagna strongly believes that the proof is undeniable that Bashar al-Assad is directly responsible for the murder of over 500,000 Syrian civilians and the displacement of over 2 million Syrian refugees, refugees that Gabbard voted to ban from the U.S. by voting with conservative GOP Congressional members on HR4038. (In 2015, Gabbard introduced HR4108 to withdraw U.S intentions to end the tyrannical Assad regime).

While Alu Campagna’s political focus is at home in Hawaii, she has strong opinions on Gabbard’s desires for the U.S. government to give up the fight for Syrian liberation. “We have a humanitarian crisis overseas in Syria as hundreds of thousands of people, families, seniors, and children, are dying daily because of Assad. Our defense budget is rightly focused on providing them protection, support, aid, and fighting their tyrannical dictator. The U.S. does not bow down to tyranny. We fight it. However, framing HR922 as an effort to re-invest military defense funding on infrastructure at home is not only erroneous but unethical.”

Alu Campagna continues, “I’m speaking up because most of us are not aware that, by law, defense funding cannot be re-invested in our nation’s infrastructure. The only plausible reason anyone can conceive of, for this press conference, on a resolution introduced a month ago, is for publicity purposes during an election year. None of this activity has anything to do with the real needs of the people of Hawaii’s CD2, which is one of the main reasons I am running for this Congressional seat.”

“If Tulsi was truly anti-war, then why is she working to weaponize the Pacific Missile Research Facility (PMRF) on Kauai? This is an important home base issue that needs discussion and debate. Arming PMRF would have permanent impacts on the fragile environment, militarize the area, change the population, and draw a target onto the rural island of Kauai.”

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Pacific Missile Range Facility

“So many issues are left out of discussion because of Tulsi’s refusal to debate me. Let’s return this Congressional seat to the power of the people of rural Hawaii. Let’s honestly and transparently focus Congressional actions back on Hawaii’s CD2. And, of course, I’d like to extend another public invitation to Tulsi for a debate.”

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