“Similarly, sometimes violence is justified, and sometimes intervention can be the right choice.”

Worth noting that Lenin himself argued that international socialism should support a war on Germany over its invasion of Belgium in 1914 were it not for the broader world war/imperialist context:

“The German imperialists shamelessly violated the neutrality of Belgium, as belligerent states have done always and everywhere, trampling upon all treaties and obligations if necessary. Let us suppose that all the states interested in the observation of international treaties declared war on Germany with the demand for the liberation and indemnification of Belgium. In such a case, the sympathies of Socialists would, of course, be on the side of Germany’s enemies.”

Arguably the Gulf War in 1991 was exactly the kind of hypothetical scenario Lenin had in mind — Saddam Hussein’s Iraq invaded Kuwait and a big coalition of states led by the U.S. and with the approval of the U.N. demanded Iraq get out of Kuwait or face war.

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