Tulsi Gabbard Voted Against Emergency Contraceptives for Rape Victims

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One of the remarkable things about Bernie Sanders is his political consistency as a mayor, Congressman, Senator, and presidential candidate over the past four decades. Following his evolution is like following a straight line — his core beliefs today are basically what they were in the 1960s when he first read about Eugene Debs and got arrested in Chicago housing de-segregation campaigns.

One of the remarkable things about Tulsi Gabbard is her political inconsistency as a state legislator, city councilwoman, and congresswoman during the past decade and a half. Following her evolution will give you whiplash and her unchanging core beliefs remain something of a mystery.

Close examination of Gabbard’s career and voting record reveals a series of bizarre, inexplicable, and — in the case of her 2003 vote against giving rape victims emergency contraception — indefensible actions and decisions that have gone wholly unnoticed by the ridiculous cult following developing around her in response to her endorsement of Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary.

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Perhaps part of the reason why Gabbard’s early political record remains obscure is because she first ran for and won public office in 2002 under her married name, Tulsi Gabbard Tamayo. Another reason why this part of her political record remains obscure and publicly unaccounted for is because Gabbard continually dodges candidate debates and carefully controls who attends her town halls and what questions are asked.

Nasty little facts like this are just the tip of Gabbard’s iceberg. A lengthier examination of her politics will be posted to my Wordpress soon. Stay tuned.

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